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The new system of digital fluid control provides an effective solution for the best supply service improvement of the different types of oils and other fluids in garages, workshops or similar installations. Oil Dispenser
On the installations where the lubricant is transferred from the tanks to lubrication points, these kits are necessary to optimize its output by a total control of all made operations.
The digital fluid console allows controlling so many supply points as it is necessary through different connection modules.


  • Voltage: 230VAC
    The digital fluid control console offers:
  • System access only to authorized personnel (personal codes)
  • Memorizing of all made operations
  • Connection to:
    a) Printer: Ticket, hour, worker, operation order, vehicle register plate, operation kilometers, kilometers to be made on the next service,
    supplied product, supplied litres, price per litre, total amount
    b) PC: Software that graphically shows all made operations, user reports, product stock, product inlets
    c) Digital Display: It shows the supplied litres at any point
Digital fluid control consoleDIGITAL FLUID CONTROL CONSOLE
Connection module for 2 supply points
Connection module for 3 sypply points
Connection module for 4 supply points
Supply control system
Anti-freezing supply control system
Digital remote display
PERCON to PC communication Kit

*It is essential the PC connection for its correct use


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