GK-7 · Own consumption controller

GK-7M MULTI-HOSE · up to 16 hoses
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
GK-7M in metallic cabinet
GK-7M · Multi-hose controller of 60 users
GK-7M · Multihose controller of 130 users
GK-7M · Multi-hose controller of 1,000 users

Size and weight (approx.)


  • Dim.: 550x400x410 mm (length x width x height)


  • Weight: 17 kg
GK-7M in TOTEM chassis
GK-7M of 60 users in TOTEM
GK-7M of 130 users in TOTEM
GK-7M of 1,000 users in TOTEM

Size and weight (approx)

Dim.: 400x400x1,500 mm (length x width x height)

Weight: 27 kg


Size and weight (approx.)

  • Dim.: 550x400x410 mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 17 kg





  • To connect and control up to 16 dispensers.
  • The GK-7M own consumption controller is an equipment suitable for the supply control, allowing its use only to authorized people.
  • Depending on the level of security you want to implement, you can identify the users and or vehicles through codes and or identification key.
  • Supply with or without preset

The controller allows you to define different scenes to be adjusted to your requirements:

  • User Identification: you would only identify the users. It is specially useful for cooperatives where you want to identify the person who is supplying straightaway.
  • Vehicle Identification: you would only identify the vehicles. It is specially useful for installations where you only want to identify and control the vehicles and their consumption, without identifying the users.
  • User and Vehicle Identification: it is the most complete system, offering a higher security level. It is specially useful for installations with a big number of users and or vehicles, or where the users are often changing their vehicle.


The displaying of the supplied litres is shown in the dispenser display or an extra display of the multi-hose module can be connected.

   Users Vehicles
 GK-7M of 60 users
 60 60 200
 GK-7M of 130* users
130 130  500
 GK-7M of 1000 users
 1000  1000  1000

*Communication with key maximum 200 services and 100 users


GK-7M Technical data:

  • Voltage: 230 VAC 50 Hz
  • Built-in supply inlet filter
  • Frontal: LCD Display alphanumeric of 4 lines and 20 characters
  • Keypad of 14 keys
  • Consumption: 30 W
  • Service Temperature: from 0 ºC to 40 ºC
  • Relative Air Humidity: among 20 and 80 %
  • It is necessary 1 hose control module for each dispenser you want to connect (up to 16).


Controller features:

  • It controls:
    • Supply date and hour
    • Users
    • Vehicles
    • Supplied litres by users and/or vehicles
    • Kilometres (or hours) and consumption
    • Tank litre stock
    • The services are stored in memory and can be transferred to a computer.
  • The inquiry and configuration operations can be made from the computer through the GK-7 software or directly from the supply kit if you have the code or the Supervisor key. Then you can:
    • Type or delete user and/or vehicles;
    • Assign or change codes or user and/or vehicle keys;
    • Calibrate the kit;
    • Consult the done supplies;
    • Consult and regularize the tank stock;
    • Configure communication and other controller options.
  • If you want to manage the kit through a computer the kit potential increases in:
    • a more comfortable and efficient management of all typing, deletion, modification, and consult operations because they are done from the computer;
    • adding the information generated by the kit in a data base;
    • the possibility of exporting the information managed by the program to Excel and text formats for its export to other data base systems or programs;
      the information access control through permissions for different user profiles;
    • Multiconsole: with a computer, the GK-7 controller and as many licences as consoles you want to control; you could manage different equipments, both local and remote, in a centralized way;
    • different communication systems to connect the computer with the controller or controllers: via memory key, cable, Ethernet, or GSM modem



There is only one software for the computer to manage the GK-7M equipment, which can grow up at the rythm the installation is growing. If in a future you need another controller, you only need another licence, and a communication system will be able to manage this new equipment without having to introduce again the data of the users, the vehicles, the consumptions, and the services.


In installations where more than a GK-7M is managed, as long as the communication is made by systems which do not have limited the capacity of information to transfer, you can use different communication systems.




Optional accessories:
- Visor set (solar protection)
- Memory key (red)
- Identification key (black)
- Communication kit via memory key
- Communication kit via GSM
- Communication kit via Ethernet
- Memory key converter
- USB cable converter
- LAN/RS485 ETHERNET converter
- GSM converter
- GSM/RS485 converter
- Additional licence (MULTI-STATION)
- Printer set kit
- 4x0.25 m shielded cable
& Accessoris GK-7

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