GK-7 · Own consumption controller

Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
  • The GK-7 own consumption is a equipment suitable for the supply control, allowing its use only to authorized personnel.
  • Depending on the security level that you want to implement, we could make the user and/or vehicle identification through codes and/or identification key.
  • Supply with or without preset litres


We have the following GK-7 versions to customize installations of different sizes:

Without printer
GK-7 · 60 users
GK-7 · 130 users
GK-7 · 1000 users
With printer
GK-7 + PRINTER · 60 users
GK-7 + PRINTER · 130 users
GK-7 + PRINTER · 1000 users
  Users Vehicles Services It is supplied with
 GK-7 of 60
60 60 200


 GK-7 of 130*
 130  130 500


 GK-7 of 1000
1000 1000 1000


 *Communication with key maximum 200 services and 100 users


The equipment allows defining different situations to be adjusted to your requirements:

  • User identification: we only identify to the users. It is specially useful for cooperatives that want to identify only the person that is supplying.
  • Vehicle identification: we only identify to the vehicles. It is specially useful for installations where you only want to identify and control the vehicles and their consumption, without identifying the users.
  • User and vehicle identification: It is the more complete system that is offering a high level of security. It is specially useful for installations with a big number of users and/or vehicles, or where the users are often changing the vehicle.


Technical data:

  • Voltage: 230VAC
  • Built-in supply inlet filter
  • Frontal: LCD Display alphanumeric of 4 lines and 20 characters
  • Keypad of 14 keys
  • Consumption: 30W
  • Service Temperature: from 0º to 40ºC
  • Relative Air Humidity: among 20 and 80%
  • Key reader/recorder


  • Optional:
    • Thermal printer and automatic paper cutter

Controller features:

  • It controls:
    • Supply date and hour
    • Users
    • Vehicles
    • Supplied litres by users and/or vehicles
    • Kilometres (or hours) and consumption
    • Tank litre stock
  • The services are stored in memory and can be transferred to a computer.
  • The inquiry and configuration operations can be made from the computer through the GK-7 software or directly from the supply kit if you have the code or the Supervisor key. Then you could:
    • Type or delete user and/or vehicles;
    • Assign or change codes or user and/or vehicle keys;
    • Calibrate the kit;
    • Consult the done supplies;
    • Consult and regularize the tank stock
    • Configure communication and other controller options
  • If you want to manage the kit through a computer the kit potential increases in:
    • a more comfortable and efficient management of all typing, deletion, modification and consult operations because they are done from the computer;
    • adding the information generated by the kit in a data base;
    • the possibility of exporting the information managed by the program to Excel and text formats for its export to other data base systems or programs;
    • the information access control through permissions for different user profiles;
    • Multiconsole: with a computer, the GK-7 controller and as many licences as consoles you want to control; you could manage different equipments, both local and remote, in a centralized way;
    • different communication systems to connect the computer with the controller or controllers: via memory key, cable, Ethernet or GSM modem
Size and weight (approx.):
  • Size: 550x400x410mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 17kg
Optional accessories:
- Communication kit via MEMORY key (software + converter + 1 memory key)

*Communication with key maximum 200 services and 100 users

- Communication kit via CABLE (software + converter)
- Communication kit via ETHERNET (software + converter)
- Communication kit via GSM (software + converter)
- GK-7 identification key (pack of 10 units)
- GK-7 memory key (red)
- GK-7 additional multistation licence
- PC memory key converter
- PC RS232-485 cable converter
- ETHERNET LAN/RS485 converter
- GSM/RS485 converter
- Hexagonal pedestal base (height 1m)

  Memory key RS-485 Cable Ethernet GSM Modem
GK-7 of 60 Yes Yes Yes Yes
GK-7 of 130 200 services Yes Yes Yes
GK-7 of 1000 No Yes Yes Yes

& Accessoris GK-7

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